Your Journey

Heartache to Happiness


Welcome to your journey towards finding or rekindling true love. This programme (available in either a 12-week fast-track or 24-week gentle-paced option) is designed to guide you through a transformative experience, aligning your inner thoughts, feelings and beliefs with your desire for a great relationship. Each session is tailored to your unique needs, ensuring a personalised approach to your love life goals.

Key Components of the Programme

1. Initial Assessment & Goal Setting

🌸 FREE Consultation: A dedicated Zoom call to discuss your current situation, relationship goals, and how the Law of Attraction principles can help you. This session aims to determine if we’re a good fit and sets the foundation for our journey together.

2. Weekly 1:1 Coaching Calls

🌸 Personalised Sessions: Each week, we’ll connect on a 60-minute Zoom call to focus on your specific needs and progress. These sessions are designed to foster deep transformation through mindset shifts, self-love practices, and actionable steps.

3. Ongoing Support

🌸 Messenger Support: Between our weekly Zoom calls, you’ll have access to Messenger support for additional guidance and encouragement from me, as you apply the teachings in your daily life.

Core Areas of Focus

1. Mindset Transformation

🌸 Belief Systems: Identify and shift limiting beliefs that hinder your ability to attract or rekindle love.

🌸 Positive Thinking: Cultivate a positive mindset to align your thoughts with your desires.

🌸 Visualisation Techniques: Learn to visualise your ideal relationship and embody the feelings that attract what you create in your mind, into your life.

2. Self-Love and Empowerment

🌸 Self-Worth: Develop a deep sense of self-worth and self-respect.

🌸 Self-Care Practices: Incorporate self-care routines that nurture your body, mind, and spirit.

🌸 Emotional Healing: Address and heal past emotional wounds to open your heart to love.

3. Applying the Law of Attraction

🌸 Understanding the Law of Attraction: Gain a comprehensive understanding of how the Law of Attraction works in relationships.

🌸 Practical Application: Learn practical techniques to manifest your ideal partner or rekindle love with your current partner.

🌸 Setting Intentions: Set clear and powerful intentions to attract the relationship you desire.

4. Clarity on Relationship Goals

🌸 Defining Your Ideal Partner: Gain clarity on the qualities and values you seek in a partner.

🌸 Vision for Your Relationship: Create a detailed vision of your ideal relationship and the life you want to build together.

🌸 Alignment with Values: Ensure your relationship goals align with your core values and life aspirations.

5. Holistic Transformation

🌸 Inner and Outer Alignment: Work on aligning your inner beliefs and emotions with your outer actions and behaviours.

🌸 Integrative Practices: Incorporate practices such as meditation, journaling, gratitude and affirmations to support your transformation.

🌸 Sustaining Change: Develop strategies to maintain your new mindset and habits beyond our coaching journey.

6. Actionable Steps and Accountability

🌸 Action Plan: Create a personalised action plan to achieve your relationship goals.

🌸 Regular Check-Ins: Monitor your progress and adjust your plan as needed.

🌸 Accountability Partner: Receive ongoing support and accountability to stay on track.

Outcomes You Can Expect

By the end of this programme, you will:

🌸 Feel empowered and confident in your self-worth and relationship goals.

🌸 Have a clear vision of your ideal partner and relationship.

🌸 Experience a holistic transformation that aligns your inner world with your outer desires.

🌸 Be equipped with practical, actionable steps to apply the Law of Attraction in your daily life.

🌸 Be ready to welcome love into your life, whether it’s finding a new partner or rekindling love with your current partner.


12-Week Fast-Track Option (£2,000)

🌸 Pay in Full – £2,000 by bank transfer. Includes an additional 60-minute coaching review call at 6 months.

24-Week Gentle-Paced Option (£3,000)

🌸 Pay in Full – £3,000 by bank transfer. Includes 2 additional 60-minute coaching calls at 9 and 12 months.

🌸 Pay Monthly – 6 monthly payments of £500 by bank transfer – 24 sessions.

Both programme options include:

🌸 60-minute 1:1 coaching calls at (typically) weekly intervals over Zoom.

🌸 Ongoing Messenger support check-ins between sessions.

🌸 A bespoke coaching plan tailored to your unique needs and goals.

Next Steps

If you’re ready to embark on this transformative journey towards finding or rekindling true love, schedule your FREE consultation today.

Let’s create the love life you desire and deserve…

‘I was at a pretty low point when I first spoke to Jo. I knew I wanted to get my relationship back to feeling happier and more loving but three kids, tricky work schedules and precious little time to focus on each other, let alone ourselves, had caused us to lose our connection. Exhausted, tired and bickering a lot, we’d reached some horribly low points and the tension at home wasn’t good. Jo explained that her coaching would focus on me and my world, and that by making simple inner changes, our loving connection would have the chance to return. What she said made sense so I decided to commit to the process, and I’m so pleased I did. As I became happier through my own inner work, my husband was more relaxed and happier in himself. He wanted to get back home to spend time together! Life is still a juggling act but we are back to how we felt about each other in the early carefree days. Jo says life mirrors your thoughts, feelings and beliefs and your inner happiness stems so much from how you think and feel. I realise now that it’s the missing bit that every woman needs to know.’ Chloe


‘As a divorcee, my mental blocks to meeting someone, were my age, being a mum of young children and believing that ‘all the good ones were already taken’. Jo proved to me that these thoughts were keeping a great relationship out of reach. I’m now thinking very differently and much to my surprise, dating genuinely lovely men. I know it’s only a matter of time before I meet the one that really is THE ONE. In the meantime, I’m enjoying the journey and feeling relaxed about my future.’ Jess